Is Your Website Working For You?

Top Ten Website Must-Haves:

  1. Prominent contact information – make it easy for people to get in touch with you.  
  2. Call-to-Action – encourage your users to take action. This is also a way to measure your sites success. 
  3. Easy Navigation – viewers that can’t find what they are looking for get frustrated and leave your site.  Make it simple for customers to get where they need to go in as few clicks as possible.
  4. Use Related Keywords – using keywords on your site will help with search engines to find you and build your relevancy for optimization.
  5. Relevant Tags – help tell search engines and users what they can find on your site
  6. Alternative Text for Images – have your images work for you.  
  7. Functioning Links – Non functioning links can be frustrating.  Make sure all your links work and lead to quality, safe content.
  8. Built Search Engine Friendly – Ensure your site is built so search engines are able to crawl through.
  9. Mobile Friendly – Being able to easily view a website on mobile devices is coming increasingly important.  Mobile viewers tend to seek information a little different than those on desktops, so ensure your site is mobile friendly and mobile optimized. 
  10. Ownership – do you own your site and the content that resides on it?

Websites are a valuable tool for any business.  A well-built website can result in more business and put you on top.

Does Your Website Help You?

Does Your Website Help You?