5 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand Online

For many b2b marketers, the Internet remains primarily a direct response or interactive marketing medium. But the Web is also a powerful branding medium. Digital marketing can deliver brand lift via online display advertising and in a variety of other ways as well. Here are five simple ways you can build your b2b brand online:

Use Web analytics to decipher your website audiences

Web analytics can help you determine who is visiting your website and ultimately what sort of visitor is converting into a customer. Identifying the audience segments that convert at the highest rates, can help you determine where to target your messages.

Use display advertising to boost all marketing channels

Studies show that online display advertising boosts results from search marketing, email marketing and social media. Display builds your brand awareness, so that it also provides a lift in branded searches. Display campaigns also help companies boost email subscriptions and can lead to more sharing of your content on social networks.

Use blogging to create an identify as a thought leader

Branding is about credibility. A blog can be used to support branding building by presenting your company as a thought leader and as a company interested in helping its customers with information that can help them do their jobs better.

Measure the value of your marketing efforts beyond clicks

Most Internet users don’t click, and studies show that those users who do click are often not the audience the marketer is looking for. There are better ways to measure the effectiveness of display advertising than clicks. The best b2b marketers use brand metrics, action metrics and overall lift to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Use social marketing to build brand awareness

Linking to your blog posts, white papers and other content via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a no-brainer. What are you waiting for?


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