Americans to Spend $4.6 Billion on Graduation Gifts This Year

Source: May 17, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff


Graduation season is here, and Americans will shell out $4.6 billion to reward high school and college seniors, per results from a survey conducted for the NRF by BIGinsight. Gift-givers will spend about $94 on average, or $49 per recipient, down from last year’s $100 average. Unlikeother events and holidays tracked by the NRF, which have seen increases in spending this year, total projected spending on graduation gifts this year is down from last year’s forecast of $4.7 billion.

As in year’s past, graduates can expect to receive cash. 56.7% of respondents said they intend to give cash, with a card (42.8%) and gift card (32.1%) also popular. Only 1 in 10 plan to buy electronics and apparel.

Other Findings:

  • Adults aged 35-44 will be the most generous with their gifts this year, intending to spend $103 on average. Per recipient, though, those aged 65 and older will spend the most, at an average of almost $64.
  • Respondents with income of $50k and more intent to spend about 40% more than those with incomes of less than $50k ($108.62 vs. $76.82).

About the Data: The data is derived from a survey of 5,706 adults conducted May 1-8, 2013.


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