Tablet Adoption Up Among Senior Execs; 65% Use Them to Shop

Source: April 24, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff


Senior executives around the world are ratcheting up their use of mobile devices, find Doremus and theFinancial Times in their annual “Decision Dynamics” survey. Tablet adoption in particular has jumped, doubling in a year to 6 in 10 respondents, with use growing across all age groups. Tablet users appear more likely to engage in a variety of activities than smartphone users: for example, shopping is far more prevalent among tablet than smartphone users (65% vs. 24%). Not too surprisingly, though, use of QR codes is higher on smartphones than tablets (22% vs. 8%).

Aside from shopping, watching movies and video is far more common among tablet (54%) than smartphone (15%) users, according to the survey, although the gap is narrower for use of social media (49% and 37%, respectively).

Tablets and smartphones share the same top activities, though. Global execs report that checking the news (83% tablets; 70% smartphones); searching the web (81% tablets; 69% smartphones); and visiting websites (78% tablets; 69% smartphones) are their most common activities on each device.

Separately, the study reveals that global execs have a strong appetite for mobile applications, with 9 in 10 tablet and smartphone owners using them. Among regular tablet users, news (78%) apps rank as the most popular type, followed by weather and books/reading apps (each at 66%). Among regular smartphone users, navigation (70%), news (67%) and weather (66%) rank as most popular.

Other Findings:

  • North American execs are the heaviest users of mobile applications.
  • Execs aged under 45 report their top 5 tablet apps to be: news; communications; social media; books; and games. For those 55 and older, the top 5 are: news: navigation; weather; books; and finance.

About the Data: The survey was conducted online in late 2012 with over 400 senior level executives from a mix of industries and company sizes.


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