Social Media and Multitasking Go Hand in Hand

Source: eMarketer, APR 8, 2013

Users turn to social in the midst of shopping, exercising, other tasks

Go anywhere, do anything smartphones have been a boon to social network users, who are now able to check in with their friends and family from pretty much any location that has Wi-Fi or cellphone service. As a result, social media has seeped into many real-world activities, according to a March 2013 survey of US internet users conducted by financial education website CreditDonkey.


Social network multitaskers on both Facebook and Twitter were most likely to log on to accounts when they were planted in front of the TV; more than eight in 10 Facebook users and about two-thirds of Twitter users used social networks while channel surfing. But the two networks were also extremely popular while traveling and among those who were supposed to be working.


Women were slightly more likely than men to turn to social media while watching TV, traveling and exercising, and significantly more likely to do so while shopping. Men, meanwhile, were less hesitant to check in with their networks while at work. They also admitted to a much greater propensity to use social media while drunk or on the toilet than women.

It’s likely that social media multitasking will not disappear any time in the near future. CreditDonkey also found that 44% of smartphone users named social networking as the most popular activity they engaged in on their devices, followed by entertainment (33%) and then working (11%).



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