Trending: Digital’s Share of SMB Marketing Budget Rises

What It’s About: New research provides insight into how small businesses are embracing digital marketing techniques. Email marketing, which garners an average of 15% of the marketing budget, is the top marketing technique for small businesses, according to a survey conducted by Edge Research. (The survey defined small businesses as those with less than 1,000 employees and annual revenue between $1 million and $50 million). The study found that events and trade shows garnered 14% of the marketing budget followed by person-to-person (13%); print ads (11%); direct mail (10%); social (8%); search engine optimization (8%); online display (7%); TV (5%); radio (4%); outdoor (3%); and other (2%). Another recent study, this one conducted by Constant Contact, indicated that 80% of small businesses were using social media marketing. Of these social media marketers, 82% were using Facebook, up from 75% who had reported using Facebook six months earlier. LinkedIn showed remarkable growth, increasing from 10% to 29% in the same timeframe. Similarly, Twitter increased from 7% to 25% in that period.

Who Is Impacted: Small businesses, marketing agencies, media outlets, ad tech firms

Why It’s Important: These studies show the remarkable adaptability of small business marketers and their willingness to embrace new digital marketing techniques. Email is less than 20 years old as a legitimate marketing strategy, and yet it tops the marketing budget for small businesses. Similarly, online display grabs more of the budget than either television or radio advertising. Plus, social media marketing is growing at a tremendous pace. Expect digital’s share of the marketing budget to continue to rise.


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