Story of the Week: 10 Eye-Opening Stats and Facts About Online Display Advertising


Digiday published a snarky list of facts about online display advertising the other day. It turns out you’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad. Interesting. But what’s more relevant to marketers is that you don’t have to click on a banner ad for it to be effective. For instance, found that you are 80% more likely to type a brand’s name into a search box and more than 30% more likely to convert after seeing an online display ad.

Those are just two reasons why online display advertising is poised to grow to $28 billion by 2017, according to Forrester Research. And here are 10 more proof points testifying to the health, vibrancy and unrivaled flexibility of online display:

  1. Advertising spending on ad exchanges increased by 49% last year. (Standard Media Index)
  2. Display ads boost search conversion: For each dollar invested in display and search in tandem, there is a return of $1.24 for display and $1.75 for search ads. (Harvard Business School Working Knowledge)
  3. When search ads were paired with display ads, the lift in sales is 119%, (comScore)
  4. Shifting 15% of a TV ad budget to digital advertising resulted in a 6.2% increase in reach. (IAB)
  5. 85% of respondents said online display advertising returned average to good ROI, which meant it outperformed content marketing, webinars, mobile, social media and video advertising. (econsultancy)
  6. Coca-Cola said that online display were 90% as effective as TV ads –- while search was only 50% as effective as TV. (AdAge)
  7. An estimated $130 million to $200 million on micro-targeted online advertising was spent during the 2012 presidential campaign. (IAB)
  8. Samsung’s Facebook ad campaign for its Galaxy S3 phone delivered a 13-times return on its $10 million investment. (CNET)
  9. 64% of advertisers surveyed said they planned to boost their social media ad budgets this year. (Vizu/Digiday)
  10. The number of video RTB global bid requests increased 596% in 2012. (SpotXchange)

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