Circulars and Flyers Influence 2 in 3 US Household Shoppers

Source: February 4, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

BrandSparkBHG-Idea-Sources-for-Household-Shoppers-Feb2013Circulars and flyers provide more inspiration for shopping trips than recipe books, websites, and even family members, according to study results from BrandSpark International and Better Homes and Gardens. The survey of Americans who participate in their household’s shopping trips found that 66.9% say they get ideas for their shopping trips from circulars and flyers, with the next-most influential sources – recipe books (28.5%), newspapers (28.2%), and websites (25.1%) – providing inspiration for far fewer respondents.

Spouses (23.9%) rounded out the top 5 shopping inspiration sources, followed by TV ads (21.2%), friends and family outside the household (16.8%), magazine ads (16.5%) and kids and grandkids (15.9%). Least influential among the sources listed were magazine editorials and articles, cited by just 5% of shoppers.

The study also finds among those who consult flyers, the vast majority (88.8%) do so to look for lower priced specials, while many also consult them to compare prices between stores (56.3%) and plan their shopping trip (50.3%).

Other Findings:

  • Among respondents who regularly comb through flyers or circulars, roughly 8 in 10 prefer print over digital or online formats.
  • 63% of respondents said that when shopping in the grocery store or supermarket they walk all the aisles to make sure they don’t miss anything, as opposed to 37% who just follow their shopping list and try to get out as fast as possible. That may be why research has found a high incidence of decisions being made in-store: according to research findings released in May 2012 by The Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), 3 in 4 grocery shopping decisions are made in the store.

About the Data: The 2013 BrandSpark/Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study presents the results of the fifth annual American shopper trends and behavior survey. More than 77,500 respondents contributed with data weighted to a national profile of shoppers (Oct. – Nov., 2012). The data used in this article is from the SSI respondent sample only (only respondents sourced from Survey Sampling International, and excluding respondents from Meredith Publishing sources) to avoid bias from magazine readers. The SSI base has been weighted to the identical MRI Principal Grocery Shopper profile.


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