Quick & Simple Fixes to SEM Campaigns

I’ve worked on quite a bit of Search Engine Marketing Campaigns – some I’ve started from the beginning, others I have been tasked to clean up and fix.  Quite often, small businesses have limited budgets; therefore, finding ways to make their campaigns more effective, even by saving a few dollars every month, makes a huge difference.

Today I did a quick, top-level analysis of a campaign to see if a company could reduce their SEM spending and allocate their advertising dollars to other digital solutions.  At a glance, I noticed a few key items that could be adjusted right away to save hundreds.

Here are a few quick and dirty tips to consider to start saving on SEM:

  1. Organization – Organize SEM by campaigns, and then within each campaign by ad groups.  Be aware of settings set at these various levels and know how they relate or don’t relate to decide how best to organize your campaign(s).  This will also help with keyword selection and ad development.
  2. Location targeting – Make sure your settings are correct.  Are you targeting the right area?  Or, are you wasting impressions by marketing a local service in a completely different country?  Even throughout the campaign continue to make adjustments.  Once you are aware of where most of your conversions are coming from, take a look at your budget and allocate accordingly.
  3. Negative Keywords – View the terms that actually generate your ads.  Are some of the terms not relevant to your product?  Add these terms as negative keywords.  Are there other words that are related to your keywords but not relevant to your campaigns?  Add these.
  4. A/B testing – Even simple changes in your ads can make a difference in people taking the next step.  Always test different ads against each other to see which is more successful.  Take the higher performing ad and test it against a new ad.  Repeat.
  5. Conversions – Use this tool and make sure to use a clear call-to-action on your website to drive people to convert.  A lead conversion form that is difficult to find is not effective.

There are many more ways to make your Search Engine Marketing Campaign(s) more efficient that are not covered in this blog.  These are just a select few to get you started.


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