Luxury Brand Shoppers Prove Mobile-Friendly

Source: January 18, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff


59% of luxury brand shoppers say they’ve used mobile to interact with a company, finds ForeSee [pdf] in a new study. That makes luxury brand shoppers 40% more likely than shoppers at the top 100 e-retail sites (by sales volume) to have ever used their mobile device to interact with a brand (59% vs. 42%), according to the study. Among those who have used their device, one-quarter of luxury brand shoppers said they made a purchase, compared to 16% of top-100 shoppers. Luxury mobile shoppers also were more likely to research products on their devices (56% vs. 40%), compare products or prices while in-store (24% vs. 18%), and use retailer-developed mobile shopping applications (13% vs. 10%).

Of those who used their mobile while in-store, 65% of luxury shoppers accessed the store’s website, while 39% visited a competitor’s website and 24% a shopping comparison website.

Customer Satisfaction Counts

ForeSee measured customer satisfaction with the websites of 13 top luxury retailers, with those sites garnering an aggregate average score of 77, just below the 78 score for the top 100 e-retailers.

The researchers caution that customer satisfaction ratings have a strong bearing on brand loyalty, so should be taken seriously. Compared to dissatisfied customers, highly satisfied luxury website visitors report being:

  • 76% more likely to buy from the brand online;
  • 71% more likely to purchase from the brand next time;
  • 69% more likely to recommend the brand;
  • 69% more likely to buy the brand offline;
  • 65% more committed to the brand overall; and
  • 65% more likely to return to the brand.

A dissatisfied customer is roughly 40% less likely to display any of those characteristics.

About the Data: The ForeSee Luxury E-Retail Index is based on more than 3,500 responses from visitors to luxury brands websites with the highest revenue. Survey responses were collected via research panel during November and December of 2012. ForeSee’s technology is based on a methodology that has been shown to have a direct link with stock prices and other measures of financial performance.


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