Most Common SMB Ad Buy? The Local Newspaper

Source: January 11, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff


SMBs see the local paper as a valuable advertising medium, finds Borrell Associates [download page] in a newly released study. Based on a survey of 1,756 SMBs in December 2012, the study found 64% reporting having purchased ads in local newspapers, slightly ahead of the proportion who had bought online ads (excluding mobile – 62%). A majority had also invested in advertising in other local publications (54%), while direct mail (45%) remains popular too.

SMB advertising in local newspapers might find a receptive audience. According to April 2012 survey results from the Newspaper Association of America, 44% of local news readers who read the print format say they do so because it has useful advertising.

Returning to the Borrell Associates survey results, SMBs are far less likely to to turn to some other traditional advertising channels. For example, just 3% purchased cinema ads and 5% reported telemarketing. Cable (13%) and broadcast (17%) TV stations also appeared towards the bottom of the list, behind radio (34%) and mobile (29%).

Those who invested in mobile ads appear to have been happy with their success. Looking specifically at respondents who had used mobile, the report finds that the vast majority (83%) are very likely (45%) or somewhat likely (38%) to incorporate mobile elements into their advertising and marketing efforts again this year, compared to just 13% who are not very likely or not at all likely to do so.


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