Smartphone Adoption by US Mobile Subscribers Continues Steady Growth

Source: January 3, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

comScore-Smartphone-Share-of-Mobile-Subscriber-Market-Oct2011-Nov2012-Jan2013During the 3-month average ending in November 2012, 53% of US mobile subscribers owned a smartphone, according to the latest figures from comScore MobiLens. That’s up from 51.9% in October, after passing the majority threshold in September. In November 2011, just 39.1% of US mobile subscribers owned a smartphone, meaning that market penetration has increased almost 36% since then.

Along with that growth, smartphone-related mobile activities also continue to become more popular. For the 3-month average ending in November, 54.2% of mobile subscribers downloaded applications (up 0.8% from the prior 3-month average), 52.1% used a browser (up 0.1%), and 39.2% accessed a social networking site or blog (up 0.9%). That last figure has been growing steadily, as Nielsen also reports that mobile use is contributing to an overall growth in social media consumption.

Apple Keeps Growing Market Share

In other figures from comScore, Apple continued to improve its position in the smartphone market, climbing 0.7% points to 35% market share, still behind Google’s Android, the dominant platform (up 1.1% to 53.7%).

Among overall mobile subscribers, Samsung remained the top OEM with 26.9% of mobile subscribers (up 1.2%), followed by Apple with 18.5% (up 1.4%). By virtue of its increase, along with LG’s 0.7% point decrease, Apple strengthened its hold on the #2 ranking, which it first achieved in October.


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