My Personal Holiday Shopping

If you are like me, then you will probably do minimal shopping on Black Friday.  I find this is becoming a trend actually.  More and more folks that I speak to, inform me that they will stay away from stores on this hectic day.  As an alternative, some choose to shop closer to Christmas, while others prefer to shop from the comfort of their home.  I would fall into the latter.

Truth be told, I may be an exception.  For one, I start my holiday shopping well in advance (usually around July).  If I’m taking a trip somewhere in the year, that’s usually where I start my holiday shopping.

To continue, majority of my major holiday shopping is done through an extensive session with my computer.  I scour various websites searching for ideas and deals.  And because I’m already in the middle of shopping, it’s a simple click of a few buttons and the purchase will be delivered to my home or a location to which I decide. All in the comfort of my home, while I’m in my pajamas – eating a snack and watching a movie.

It appears the habit of shopping online is very steadily increasing and surpassing the need to wake up at some outrageous hour to stand in line and scramble with other crazed, sleep deprived friends.  I’m anxious to watch this trend change in the next few years and watch our habits shift to a more sane digital shopping experience.

For research on this trend, please refer to the two previous blog posts.


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