The Shift to Online – Half of UK Shoppers Will Buy Most Holiday Gifts Online

Source: OCT 26, 2012

CDs, DVDs and books top lists of online purchases

Shoppers in the UK are going to be online in a big way in preparation for the holiday season, according to panel-based research from media planning and buying firm Kinetic.

Nine in 10 internet users surveyed in September said they would shop online for holiday gifts this year—6 percentage points more than would be heading to the high street and 11 percentage points more than planned to head to shopping centers and malls. On top of that, 52% of internet users planned to buy most of their gifts on the web, compared with just 20% in shopping malls and 28% in high street shops.

Different gifts mean different shopping plans for UK web users. CDs and DVDs, along with books, were the items most likely to be bought online—and also the most popular holiday presents overall, according to the survey. Respondents were about twice as likely to say they would buy these items online as in stores. Electronics purchases tilted similarly digital.

For other product categories, however, brick-and-mortars won out over online shopping. Clothing and footwear, perfume and cosmetics, and toys and games were the most popular items planned for in-store purchases.



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