CPG Consumers Up Online Video Viewing

Source: eMarketer, OCT 24, 2012

Online CPG audience increased video viewership 44% in Q3 2012

Viewership of online videos in the CPG category was up sharply in Q3 2012 compared to the previous quarter, according to research from social and interest graph operator 33Across.

Based on the internet usage and social interaction habits of over a billion unique visitors worldwide to sites in the company’s interest graph, 33Across discovered that CPG category consumers watched 44% more online video in Q3, making them 1.5 times more likely to watch online video than the average web user. This presents a clear opportunity for CPG marketers, whose branding efforts are better served by online video than many other digital formats, to reach out to potential customers in a channel they are already using.

Though online video viewing overall is on the rise, viewership was not up within all categories. Video viewing among the retail audience dipped by 22% in the same period. Entertainment consumers, meanwhile, boosted video consumption slightly.

In-stream video buying platform VideoHub reported in Q2 that US online pre-roll CPG video ads had a 73.03% completion rate, slightly above the average for all industries, but a below-average 0.51% clickthrough rate. Though online shopping for CPG products is on the rise, it is still a relatively small market and CPG video ads tend to be more branding- than direct-response-oriented.

VideoHub also reported that viewers who engaged with CPG ads watched the ads for an average of nearly 46 seconds, compared with just under 21 seconds among those who watched but did not engage with the ads.



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