Will You Pay to Post?

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out a pay to post option. Basically, because of the increase in activity (and loss of profit), Facebook has turned to the option of allowing brands the ability to have their post seen for a premium.

They originally started out in about 20 countries, but it seems that it is now starting to catch up with businesses locally. You may have noticed a significant increase in the number of views for your update, that would be this program in action. The price to post varies. A company finds it useful to spend $1,000/month for their updates to people that have already “liked” them.

So, the question is, is it worth it to pay for your post to be updated?

Oh, one more thing. This is not just for businesses. Individuals will have the option to pay $7 to have their post pushed to a larger audience of friends.  Here’s a quick chart from a poll taken by Sterne Agee to 750 facebook respondents.

How much are you willing to pay to post your status on Facebook?


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