What is Pheed?

Pheed is another social networking site.  It allows you to start by using your facebook or twitter login, and even works as a large mash-up of various social media platforms including instagram, tumblr, youtube, etc.

The heads behind this compilation took the best assets they felt from each of the social networks sites and put them together to create your own personalized “channel.”  Rather than having to login to a number of different channels to post a text update here, a photo there and a video in somewhere completely different.  This new platform lets you combine it all together into one channel.

Celebrities are being heavily recruited to back-up this product.  What’s the benefit to them?  By using Pheed, they can charge people a monthly subscription fee to get the latest on their channel, which they will receive a portion.  There are plans for advertising opportunities down the road, but since this is only starting to launch only time will tell if this model will stand the test of time and be a successful evolution of social media or a flop.


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