The 5 Best Metrics for Display Advertising

We all know that clicks are quick and easy. But they are far from a perfect measure of online campaign performance. Here are 5 alternative metrics that are simple yet comprehensive enough to effectively measure your next campaign.


Research by comScore suggests that simply viewing an ad is the most important performance indicator. Statistically adjusted for cookie deletion, MediaMind’s Adjusted Unique is a highly reliable measure of users reach.


Dwell, MediaMind’s metric for engagement, measures the proportion of impressions that consumers engage with and the duration of the engagement. Research shows that campaigns with high Dwell boost brand-related keyword searches, site visits and time on advertiser sites.

Lift in Site Visits

What’s the impact of your campaign on site traffic? Compare average visits before and after campaign launch to measure incremental visits (Best for campaigns that are featured exclusively online.)

Search and Display Overlap

Is your campaign driving search activity for your brand? Tracking post-exposure keyword searches can tell you a lot about how your campaign is resonating.


If you sell exclusively online, track ROI. If you don’t, track cost per PDF download, online application, form completion or other conversions.

View a brief video here:


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