SMBs Pour Money into Mobile

Half of SMBs likely to incorporate mobile into ad and marketing campaigns within a year

Source: eMarketer, 10/3/12

Small and medium-sized businesses are largely dependent on local customers to drive revenue—and they’re finding that mobile ties in neatly with their efforts to target this demographic. A September 2012 survey of SMBs in the US issued by lead generation ad specialist Pontiflex and conducted by research and consulting firm Borrell Associates found that companies were overwhelmingly backing up that conclusion by putting money into their mobile media budgets.

The poll found that 72% of SMBs planned to increase or maintain mobile spending over the next 12 months.

Those that planned to bump their spending on mobile media within the year were not shy about pouring dollars into the effort. In fact, 42% of those planning a budget hike foresaw an increase of 11% to 20%. One-fifth of those increasing their mobile budgets expected them to climb by 21% to 30%, and one in 10 expected spending to spike by more than 50%. This willingness to spend indicates that mobile budgets are still playing catch-up with the lightning-fast adoption of smartphones by consumers.

SMBs also saw potential in mobile to attract new customers, and remind existing ones of their goods and services. Almost half of respondents said it was at least somewhat likely that they would incorporate mobile elements into ad or marketing campaigns over the next 12 months to hit their target audience. Still, there was a sizeable group that had taken a “wait-and-see” approach to mobile—38% admitted it was not very likely or completely unlikely that they would fold mobile into the mix within the next year.



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